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Based in Hamilton, Ontario. Call or text (905)519-3397, send us a picture and a detailed description of what it is you need REMOVED! If pictures aren’t your thing, the junk removal team can come to you for a FREE ESTIMATE. Removal can happen INSTANTLY upon agreement.

JUNK REMOVAL ONTARIO works smart and swiftly to ensure you as a customer are satisfied first! Our team does all the work for you, clearing your property of unwanted waste. Labour and disposal costs are included in our rates!

Sit back, relax, and book with us today and you won’t be disappointed! (905)519-3397


Remove anything within the house as long as it is not hazardous material! (905)519-3397

JUNK REMOVAL ONTARIO specializes in garbage removal, furniture removal, trash removal, appliances removal, demolition debris, estate movers, old tenant move-outs, scrap metal removal, landscaping cleanup, office junk removal, commercial and industrial junk removal, flooring and carpet removal, hot-tub removal, and foreclosure clear outs. ANYTHING! Call today! (905)519-3397

Why junk removal is important for every household!


We dont just throw your junk away!  We take the time to sort through every job we do, donating reusable materials to organizations who contribute back to our community. On average we recycle 62% of each truckload; this average is higher than other competitors that use bin or dumpster rentals.

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Just about ANYTHING! The team has helped thousands of customers in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area since 2013! Missisauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Grimsby, Brantford, Stoney Creek, Beamsville, St. Catherines, Binbrook, Smithville, Waterdown, Milton, Halton Hills are our most frequently visited areas. No job is too small! LETS HEAR FROM YOU! (905)519-3397


The team requests payment when the removal job is DONE! We accept cash, Interact email transfer, and credit cards.